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Our Mission
Our Mission

Welcome to Dream Maker Community Services, your trusted NDIS registered service provider. We are dedicated to offering exceptional disability support services to participants in our local community. Our aim is to empower NDIS participants to achieve their goals and live independently through a wide range of personalised services.

Our participants inspire us through their resilience and fuel our objectives to advocate for them. One step at a time, as our team continues to grow and evolve, we will always remain “big enough to dream and small enough to care”.

Our Services

We Are Here For The Community

Our community services focus on enhancing community participation, ensuring that every individual we serve has the opportunity for social interaction, inclusivity and mental health support. Our day programs, designed for both adults and youth, are tailored to develop essential life skills, empowering independence and helping participants manage their day-to-day activities, more effectively.
We believe compatibility between our support workers and participants contributes to the excellence of our quality services. That’s why DMCS focuses on engaging workers that complement your needs. Through our unique range of services, we strive on improving quality of life, developing skills, assisting with home care and enhancing independence, while confidently and safely accessing the community.
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Our Services

How Do You Know If You’re Eligible For NDIS Support?

Dream Maker Community Services provides a range of NDIS services.

Unsure if you are eligible for NDIS support? Use our resources to learn more about the NDIS scheme and find out how to apply for support.
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Australia Wide NDIS Support Services

Dream Maker Community Services actively operates across three key Australian states: New South Wales, Victoria, and Western Australia.
Our dedicated offices in Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth position us perfectly to provide our specialised NDIS services to a wide range of participants across Australia. Being established in these states has allowed us to reach out and support individuals, aligning with our mission to empower individuals living with disabilities.

Understanding the mobility needs of our participants, we offer assisted transport services, ensuring safe and reliable access to public transport and other destinations, including medical appointments. This service is integral to our commitment to support independent living (SIL) and help our clients maintain an active presence in their community.

We also place a strong emphasis on youth services, offering programs that cater specifically to the needs of younger community members. These services aim to foster independence and prepare them for a future of self-sufficiency.
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Why Do Participants Love Being Supported By Us?

Dream Maker Community Services keep people at the focus of what we do, taking the time to get to know you and your needs, to curate tailored support that addresses health and lifestyle requirements.

Our team of dedicated disability support workers and support coordinators work closely with health professionals to provide comprehensive care. We specialise in in-home care and assistance with household tasks, ensuring that our NDIS funded core supports are customised to each individual’s NDIS plan.
I don’t like meeting new people and was hesitant to have support workers. My support workers help me out when going shopping and preparing meals
The team leaders are really understanding and easy to talk to, I enjoy the BBQs DMCS plans.
I really like my support worker and enjoy going out with them!

Rewarding & Remarkable Careers

Work With Us
For more information or to get involved with our mission, explore our Advocacy and Referrals sections

If you're interested in joining our team as a support worker, visit our Careers page. Contact us at Dream Maker Community Services to discover how we can assist you or your loved ones in achieving a more independent and fulfilling life.
Our Mission

Dream Team In Action

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  • dream maker community services ndis support services sydneydream maker community services ndis support services sydneydream maker community services ndis support services sydneydream maker community services ndis support services sydney
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Dream Maker Community Services is a registered NDIS disability provider, created to help all individuals reach their potentional and achieve their goals. Big enough to dream, small enough to care.
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